Architecture Festival Evaluation

For this assignment, we had to create a poster for the London of Architecture event. After looking at many examples from the past, I decided I wanted my poster to be modern and simple. These were some I came across that I particularly liked.

I began by sketching loads of ideas into my sketchbook, developing on them throughout as certain things I did not like and/or wanted to change. The few ideas I came up with had a very modern feel, all but one as I wanted diversity in my options. After sketching out the ideas, I moved onto creating them on Photoshop, a software I’m familiar with and did not struggle to create a poster on.

Copy of LFOAThe first idea of a poster I came up with was this one, this was more of a practice as I did not end up using it in my three designs. I mostly didn’t end up using it because the text was too close to colour as the background, I changed it a few times but to me, only this colour seemed to fit, but I knew that would not draw in peoples eyes.

At the start, the windows of the buildings were white, however this seemed too bland so I tired to add some colour into it by making all the windows different colours from each other.

This did not change my opinion on it though as it still looked too simple.


poster-1I started a new one and I wanted this poster to have an old feel to it, hence the brick wall, but a modern picture of London inside. Although I did like this one, I wasn’t to keen on the idea overall, as it seemed to bland. I could of used a better photo of London looking back at it now, as the one I used had low lighting and didn’t show much of the fact it was London.

The text was also a struggle to work with, as no matter what colours I used, it didn’t seem to stand out from the bland colour of the bricks. White would blend in too much where the date of the event is, I wanted all the text to be clear and readable.

So I decided this would be one of my three designs.


untitled-1-recoveredI took a different approach to the next poster, using my modern ideas I had collected from researching. I did really like this one, as I worked hard on making the text visible and the colours balanced.

Taking ideas from the first practice one I made, I used the idea of buildings but wanted it to be smaller, so rather than being in a rectangle, I changed it to a circle and had the windows hold a gradient effect so it did not distract too much from the whole poster itself.

As I believed this one would be my final choice, I stuck to it, but then decided to make one more, just incase I preferred it to this one.


poster-2The last one I created came out to be my final design, I decided to bring in more aspects of London to it as the event is based in London. I looked over pictures of famous buildings in London and decided to use the London Eye and the Shard in my poster. I incorporated them together to create an image that would stand out.

I used light colours so peoples eyes would be drawn to the poster straight away, however I made the text darker so it is easy to read. I liked this poster the most because it had more details than the others and included aspects of London which I had only included in one previous idea. I am pleased with the way I made the Shard and London Eye, using pen tool, brush tool and shape tool. I believe is came out really well done.

After experimenting with different colours I finally decided the one featured above was the one with the best colours and the easiest to read.

I remembered to keep the logo on all of the posters as it was important to keep it to show what company would own it. I am happy with my final result as of experimenting with loads of different ideas.


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