Hope in animation

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.03.08.png

The word ‘Hope’ has a different meaning to everyone, with some believing the meaning that comes along with the word and others just seeing it as something stupid, its quite a controversial thing.

Hope to many people is wishing and dreaming for something they want to happen and events play out how they wanted it too. Although to many others it seems to be something made up to lift peoples spirits.

It takes different meanings for different people to understand Hope.

Animated films that show the sense of hope include Bambi, and Lion King. Although there are many more, these three films include a mass amount of hope that can be seen throughout the films.

Take Bambi for example, Bambi is a young deer who unfortunately loses his mother at the very start of the film, all seems lost till he meets his father, who he hopes can continue to look after him, Bambi grows into a young stag who through the hope of his father, becomes brave and meets a doe.

Moving onto Lion King, I believe this animated film out of all three is the most hopeful one. It starts with a young Lion named Simba who hopes to one day become a king, but all hell breaks loose when he witnesses his fathers death and proceeds to run away in fear.

He comes across Pumba and Timone, who both have hope of a better life, especially with their saying “Hakunamutata”. Towards the end of the film, Simba returns to Pride Rock and with Hope, defeats Scar.

Hope in my animation will be displayed as a small ghost named Bertie is unable to scare anyone in the old abandoned house he haunts. However by hoping, he eventually scares someone who moves into the home and becomes friends with them.




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