HUD Evaluation

I started this assignment by creating a weekly schedule so I would have a guide to follow whilst starting off the HUD design process. My weekly schedule shown here, I tried to keep it as detailed as possible with easy to read sections so I would not lose track of what I was doing.


Alongside following the brief, I started with research on car games and what they normally have to make up a HUD. Then I proceeded to pick a car game I particularly liked, I chose Forza 6 and began looking at the main aspects it entails, as well as taking ideas for my own HUD.

Creating the hud for my game was a new experience for me, I used photoshop to edit my final piece – which is a program i’m familiar with but I did struggle slightly with. For my background i used google maps. The tools that i used for the HUDS were text tool, shape tool and brush tool.

I began

I based my HUD off the HUD in Forza Motorsport 6 which uses very simple details so you aren’t distracted from the game itself. I wanted to have some similarities but not entirely be a carbon copy, aspects that I was inspired by was the realism in the graphics, and the layout style. I also viewed real life dashboards to give myself an idea of what my HUD would possibly look like.



At the start of the assignment I began sketching in my sketchbook, creating different ideas to eventually be developed in to one whole idea. I started with my team names, calling them White Dragons, Raiders and 21 BOYZ.

Upon naming them I began to draw logos and develop on them further. I then chose a place for my HUD to be based in, I chose China Town as the idea of my game is based around Chinese gangs so I believed it would fit nicely.


After creating the base idea of my game, I created a final design by basing it off Forza motorsport 6, thus producing my own HUD.


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