Illustrator; Anchor tool, Rubber Duck & Olympic Logos

Today in the first half of Mark’s lesson, we started off to learn about the pen tool and how to use the anchor tool to change the straight lines into curves, we at first made a random shape to get the hang of it and also used pathfinder to cut a shape into it.


Everyone then copied an image of a rubber duck and was told to give our own twist to it. Using the pen tool, I followed the shape of the duck and used the anchor point tool to manipulate the lines into curves so they fit the lines of the duck. I then inserted the text and rainbow as I wanted to make the duck a key representation of myself. If I had more time I would of shaded the duck and added more features (as well as sort out his abnormal eyes), however I did learn how to use the anchor tool and how to place in images.


In the second hour of Mark’s lesson, using the skills we had previously learned we had to created a few Olympic logos, I managed to create the logo of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.


I enjoyed the last part of the lesson as we got to create the logos and I am quite proud of them, I used the same technique used whilst remaking the duck and they came out just how I wanted them too, I especially liked the shading I added on the Barcelona logo.


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