Illustrator Flags

Using Illustrator, we was asked to create flags by using grids and rulers.The first one I created was the Swiss flag.


It was fairly easy as it was just the fact of creating three rectangles in colour by using the pen and shape tool. After creating the Swiss flag I moved onto creating the flag of Gambia, which was easy once again due to it just consisting of rectangles. It introduced me to learning more about the colours and shape tool in illustrator.


The final one I created was the Greek flag, this was slightly harder as it has more of a complex form, however I did manage to finish it by the help of the rulers and grids.


Creating flags has introduced me to new tools in illustrator such as the pen tool and shape tool. It also helped me to understand guides and how use them to help with the work i am creating. Although I have learnt a small amount about illustrator I’d like to improve on certain areas of it as I do struggle with getting the hang of it.


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