Sound in video games

Sound in video games has always been a key and common aspect of any one you come across. The sounds are either diegetic or non-diegetic. Diegetic can be heard by the character in the game while non-diegetic is when something is played over the game and the characters are unable to hear it but it still gives the player a form of drive or emotion.

Life Is Strangemaxresdefault.jpg

The life is strange soundtrack uses a large amount of music during the whole game, having such an array can show emotion during scenes where non-diegetic sounds are played. The soundtrack features 14 licensed songs and 8 score tracks by Jonathan Morali, his music reflects folk and indie atmosphere which ties to the indie feel of the game. The score has a progression of a darker theme as the development of Chloe and Max’ relationship is shown throughout the game.



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